5800 Yonge Street


5800 Yonge Street

A unique opportunity to build a master-planned community at 5800 Yonge Street in Willowdale

Times Group envisions a complete community with a daycare, office and retail spaces, a public park, new connections, and condo and rental residential units, all within a 5-minute walk from existing and future public transit.

About the Developer

For over thirty five years, Times Group has planned and built some of the finest commercial and residential buildings in the Greater Toronto Area. We began with custom homes, and as our expertise and ability grew, so did the scope of our projects. Today, we proudly call ourselves a premier Canadian owned and operated real estate development firm.

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The Site

Located on the west side of Yonge Street between Drewry Avenue and Hendon Avenue in the Willowdale neighbourhood, the site is well-serviced by public transportation and at present consists of a large 2-storey office building with surface parking formerly occupied by Toronto Hydro. Currently, the office building is used as a temporary Refugee Welcome Centre run by the City of Toronto.

Our Proposal

Times Group is proposing to construct a new master-planned community consisting of 4 towers in two phases.


Purpose Built Rental Housing

  • The proposed development includes a mix of housing tenure including purpose-built rental, which will support the need for rental housing in the area and the City.

Complete Community

  • A new complete community would be fostered by providing a complementary mix of land uses, specifically, office, retail, residential, daycare, and a new public park.
  • Increased housing close to public transit would be provided, making it convenient to get to various destinations.
  • New opportunities for physical activity, recreation, and healthy lifestyles would be facilitated through the new public park, pedestrian-friendly roads, and cycling infrastructure.

Multi-modal Transportation

  • The site is approximately a 5-min walk to the existing Finch Subway Station, the Finch GO Bus Terminal and future stops for the Yonge Street Subway Extension, connecting people to destinations within the City of Toronto and beyond today and in the future.
  • The new roads would provide better connectivity for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists allowing easy travel through the site and the neighbourhood.

Daycare Space

  • Providing daycare space on site will make it easier for families who live, work and/or take transit close to the site.
  • A new daycare space on site will contribute to the City’s vision to create more daycare space for children 0-4 years old.

Enhanced Public Realm

  • The streets surrounding the new buildings will be lively and activated through street-level retail and streetscaping features such as street furniture, trees and plantings, all of which will maximize pedestrian activities.
  • The new public park will provide an outdoor space for residents, employees, and visitors to enjoy.
  • An additional public space that is owned privately will be an extension of the new public park providing additional outdoor space to enjoy.

Local Economic Benefits

  • The new master-planned community would create about 418 new jobs related to the office, retail and daycare uses being proposed.
  • Providing new and modern office space close to higher-order transit would make the site more attractive to companies looking for new space in the area.
  • A mix of uses and proximity to transit services would benefit the existing and new local businesses in the area as it would increase foot traffic.

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Project Documents

This is where you can find documents related to the proposal, including the application reports and future public meeting materials.

Administrative Documents
Planning and Architecture
Community Consultation
Environmental Reports


Below you can find answers to some of your questions related to the development process as well as the development proposal itself. If your question is not answered here, please send us a note through the comment form.


When did you submit the development application for 5800 Yonge Street?

The development application was submitted on Jan 31, 2020.

How long could it take to get the necessary approvals from the City of Toronto?

Typically, it takes about 18 to 24 months for a decision to be made on an application. This includes various City departments’ reviews of the application, the City’s Community Consultation Meeting, City staff’s recommendation to the North York Community Council and the North York Community Council’s final decision.


Following our submission, a blue and white City of Toronto development notice sign will be installed onsite.

Will there be a community meeting?

Yes, City of Toronto staff will be scheduling a community meeting as part of the application review process.

When and how can I ask questions and provide comments?

You can always ask questions and submit comments through this website regardless of where the application is in the development application review process. The City Planner on the project is also open to receiving feedback from the community at any time.


Will the temporary refugee centre be shifted elsewhere and if so, where?

The temporary Refugee Welcome Centre is planned to remain on site until the Fall of 2020. Currently, there are no plans for this centre to remain at 5800 Yonge beyond this date, although this could change. The decision as to where the centre could be shifted to rests with the City of Toronto Shelter, Support and Housing Administration. No public announcement from the City has been made on its relocation.

What are you proposing to develop at 5800 Yonge Street?

The proposal is to redevelop the site into a new master-planned community with 4 new towers consisting of:

  • 8,400 sq. ft. of daycare space
  • 49,500 sq. ft. of office space
  • 13,500 sq. ft. of retail space
  • 1,496 condo and rental units (exact breakdown to be confirmed)
  • 1.16 acres of public park
  • A privately-owned publicly accessible space (also known as POPS)
  • New roads
  • Phase 1:
    • Tower 1 – 37 storeys
    • Tower 2 – 34 storeys
    • Two new public roads
    • New north-south publicly accessible private road
    • A portion of new east-west publicly accessible private road
  • Phase 2:
    • Tower 3 – 38 storeys
    • Tower 4 – 44 storeys
    • The remainder of new east-west publicly accessible private road

Will there be condos or rental units?

At the time of the first submission of our application, we have proposed a combination of condos and purpose-built rentals. However, the exact breakdown of the two tenure types is still being explored. We will update the website with more information when it is available.

Who is going to operate the daycare?

Our plans currently include a daycare space but we have not yet determined who would operate the daycare.

What kind of programming will be in the public park?

The land for the public park will be dedicated to the City of Toronto. The programming will be determined through a separate process spearheaded by the City, which will include community consultation.

How many jobs will this development create?

We expect the office, retail, daycare spaces to generate approximately 418 permanent jobs.

Contact Us

We want your input on what we are proposing at 5800 Yonge Street. Use the comment form below to ask questions or provide input. We look forward to connecting with you.

Project Timeline

  • July 18, 2018

    Public meeting organized by Ward Councillor to share information

  • November 15, 2019

    5800 Yonge Street leased to the City of Toronto as a temporary Refugee Welcome Centre

  • January 31, 2020

    Development application submitted to the City of Toronto

  • February 5, 2020

    Development applications deemed complete

  • July 28, 2020

    Official launch of 5800 Yonge Street project website

  • September 10, 2020

    North York Community Council approves moving forward with community consultation meeting

  • NEXT

    Community Consultation Meeting to be scheduled by the City of Toronto

All renderings are artist’s concept. E&OE. Credit: Wallman Architects